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You may have received an email last month explaining KC+A’s recent goal of helping our clients register for paperless delivery of their account documents. We’ve all heard about the environmental benefits of “going green” but the primary focus of this project is how choosing paperless delivery can help our clients save time and money.

If you're ready to setup paperless e-delivery for your brokerage accounts, please begin by clicking the link below:

If you still have questions, please read the FAQ below and feel free to call us with any questions!

How does going paperless with eQuipt save me time?

Over the course of each year, you will receive account communications and financial documents by mail. These notifications can pile up quickly and take time to sort through later. By enrolling in paperless delivery, you will receive and view these communications through emails rather than letters. eQuipt then stores all historic documents and statements to be viewed later. You do not need to worry about missing a letter or being unable to recover a monthly statement or tax document.

How does eQuipt save me money?

eQuipt does not just help you keep your communications organized on a platform that allows for easy access later; the program also allows you to differentiate between the documents you would prefer to receive by paperless delivery and the documents you would prefer to continue receiving by mail. As of June 28th, there will be a generation cost of $1.50 per occurrence, for Confirmation Letters and Fund Prospectus deliveries ONLY. All other document types are free of charge. eQuipt provides you with the power of selection so that you may choose to continue to receive monthly statements and tax documents while eliminating the cost or hassle of receiving certain less crucial documents while storing them safely for you to refer to later.

Why is this happening?

Financial companies have a legal requirement to provide you with documents ranging from large Prospectus reports on funds, to communications, statements, and notifications apprising you of certain account activities or changes. As email began to replace the US Postal Service, it soon became the new standard in business communications. Karn Couzens & Associates, Inc. has always believed in service, your way. While we strongly recommend switching documents like confirmation letters to paperless to save the $1.50 charge per occurrence, we can show you how to continue receiving documents like monthly statements and tax documents by mail. 

Still have questions?

Andrew Emerson and Alexis Karn are happy to welcome any questions you may have about this paperless mission and welcomes the opportunity to hear your concerns and find a solution that is perfect for you.  Please give them a call at (860) 676-2727 today!

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