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Lifespan - David Sinclair, PHD

In this insanely different 2021 era, I just read a book as suggested by my associate and daughter Alexis, entitled "Lifespan”, by David Sinclair, PHD. His contention, as a leading authority on aging and genetics, is that aging is essentially a disease and can be treated with both many new therapies and by our personal actions. Especially now in the age of Covid most of us are concerned for our health, and who wouldn’t want to undertake changes in our lifestyle or use new therapies that could perhaps extend our time?

Granted the book came out in 2019 and therefore his musing on possible Pandemics unfortunately came true, with no immediate silver bullet to cure the one we are all presently living, but I did finish the book feeling more hopeful for the future. I also now understand why I am supposed to do just “that one more crunch” at the gym. It’s not a surprise that consistent exercise, and even cold showers, are good for you.

One of the major risks and concerns our industry is presently grappling with is that of longevity, where many of us live longer than we may expect, and therefore may have an extended need for money than we may have planned. What if Dr. Sinclair may be correct and we don’t age badly but instead well and relatively healthy? That is certainly an outcome we would all welcome, and need to prepare for in our professional and personal capacities. A thought-proving, and optimistic work, and   well worth reading to escape the daily Covid news we are all exposed to.

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