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You've found Bob's Book Blog!

Bob is known for his love of books and is an avid reader who enjoys sharing literature of all kinds with friends, family, and clients. Below you'll find some of his recommendations.  Whether you're looking for informative non-fiction or easy reads; we hope you'll find something that peaks your interest. Be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date with Bob's selections.

The views expressed in the recommended publications are not necessarily the opinion of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc. (RAA) and should not be construed directly or indirectly, as an offer to buy or sell any securities mentioned herein. We make no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of information provided in these publications. Nor is the company liable for any direct or indirect, information and programs made available in reading this literature. When you consider reading any of these recommended publications, you assume total responsibility and risk. These professionals are not affiliated nor endorsed by RAA. The information that may be provided is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax, legal, or estate planning advice.


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Summer Reading - The Sixth Extinction

If you are looking to change up your summer reads with something a little scarier, try Elizabeth Kolbert’s 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner ‘The Sixth Extinction’. Earth has seen five mass extinction events throughout history. Using both scientific data and anecdotes, Kolbert explores the massive changes human beings have made to the planet and the consequences.

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Madhouse At The End Of The World - Julian Sanction

As an antidote to the summer heat, try the new non-fiction Madhouse At The End Of The World, by Julian Sanction. It describes the ill-fated journey to Antarctica (and aren’t they always il-fated it seems) by the Belgium explorer Adrien de Gerlache in the late 1880’s when that continent was unexplored and as mysterious to folks as the universe is to us today.

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Summer Reading - The Big Finish

James W. Hall’s “The Big Finish”. Hall’s main protagonist Thorn is a fly-fishing character in South Florida who, in book after book, somehow gets involved in murders and mysteries. All are intriguing, and this series is notable for the gritty situations much more than the humorous aspects.

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Summer Reading - Best State Ever

One of my all- time favorites is the Miami columnist Dave Barry’s recent book “Best State Ever, a Florida Man Defends His Homeland”. Barry travels all over the state, and shockingly, finds nothing but weirdness, possibly giving pause to actually living there. Very funny and a perfect light read.

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The Bomber Mafia - Malcolm Gladwell

The new book from Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point”, among others, is “The Bomber Mafia”. While it does involve warplanes and war, it is really a highly readable story about how advocates of airpower during the First World War through World War II thought that, as Gladwell writes, the brand-new Norden bombsight “represented a dream – one of the most powerful dreams in the history of warfare: if we could drop bombs into a pickle barrel from thirty thousand feet, we wouldn’t need armies anymore. We wouldn’t need to leave young men dead on battlefields or lay waste to entire cities. We could make it precise and quick and almost bloodless. Almost”.

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Lifespan - David Sinclair, PHD

In this insanely different 2021 era, I just read a book as suggested by my associate and daughter Alexis, entitled” Lifespan”, by David Sinclair, PHD. His contention, as a leading authority on aging and genetics, is that aging is essentially a disease and can be treated with both many new therapies and by our personal actions. Especially now in the age of Covid most of us are concerned for our health, and who wouldn’t want to undertake changes in our lifestyle or use new therapies that could perhaps extend our time?

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Summer Reading - Tourist Season

Carl Hiaasen may be the best known of all of these, His first is “Tourist Season”, and a friend recommended reading the series in order. Most stories are not connected, involve insane people of all types and often corrupt politicians, which Florida apparently has in abundance. Very funny and well worth a try.

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Summer Reading - Naked Came the Florida Man

Tim Dorsey’s “Naked Came The Florida Man”. Dorsey has many books starring the serial killer Serge and his friend Coleman, who is perpetually high and is an observer as Serge kills folks who disrespect Florida and others in his opinion. The deaths are usually absurd, such as the tourist who kills seagulls, which leads Serge to tie him down, and cover him with corn chips glued all over his body. The seagulls arrive, and, well, its not a pretty end. Lots of Florida locations and color, and absurd characters abound.

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Summer Reading - Florida Straights

For fun reading with no thought process involved, Laurence Shames has a series set in Key West (we went to a wedding there just before the Pandemic, and everything he says is true), and the main hero is an aging mafioso with an elderly chihuahua who gets involved in problems, schemes and disasters of both locals and tourists. Try “Florida Straights”, which has light reading, likable people and is perfect for the beach.

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